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Massage Testimonials

Please read our massage testimonials and see what our clients are saying about us.

“It has been my privilege to be Jennifer Wayland‘s client for more than 8 years. I have relayed this story to many friends and family members, and it’s from the heart when I say I have no doubt that it is due to Jennifer’s intuitive knowledge of the human body that has allowed me to remain in such good health for a woman in my 50’s. I am able to play racquetball, bowl, and golf with relative ease, and hope to continue doing so in to my 80’s and 90’s! I wish everyone had the opportunity to work with Jennifer. I truly feel there would be much less dis-ease and fewer prescription medications dispensed in this world. Thank you!”

– Jean S

“I’ve suffered with chronic back problems for decades and with carpal tunnel for the last few years. Good Medicine Massage has provided continuous relief and let me lead a normal life without undergoing surgery.”

– Bill B

“If you need a massage, you must try Jennifer Wayland at Good Medicine Massage. Quite simply, she is a phenomenal massage therapist who can address chronic muscle issues, athletic injuries, everyday aches and pains and can relieve stress.”

– Larry P

“I have been seeing Jennifer every other week for close to 10 years. Having a massage is my gift to myself. I have seen other massage therapists in the past and in my opinion Jen is the best! She is a professional, knowledgeable massage therapist and I consider her to be a good friend. Jennifer has helped me heal through many losses and through health issues such as a knee replacement and rheumatoid arthritis. I don’t know what I would do without her in my life!”

– Dee W

“I cannot thank you enough for the last two massages you gave me on my left arm. I could not lift my arm up all the way after I had fallen on it. It was due to a pinched muscle that needed to be massaged out. After just one session with you I was able to lift my arm up all the way! The second therapy session just made my arm hurt less and allowed me to stretch even further than before. Thank you so much for all that you do.”

– Karen

“Prior to being treated by Jennifer I had suffered chronic pain and discomfort in my left shoulder for a good 25 years. I had been treated by chiropractors and other massage therapists. Jennifer has been the best therapist for my shoulder problem. Jenn is a good listener and she incorporates what is happening to your body due to your lifestyle and work into her treatment. I would highly recommend Jenn to anyone.”

– Don M

“I have gone to Jennifer for many years, first just for relaxing massages, but I began discovering that she was actually doing much more for me. With her extensive knowledge of the muscular system Jennifer helps keep my body as open and flexible as possible. She alleviates pain and loosens tightness, and is great at finding the true source of my aches and pains when I don’t even know exactly what’s causing my problems. Jennifer is an important part of my ongoing health care plan as well as a wonderful, relaxing place to spend an hour or so.”

– Susan